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Blue Phoenix Yoga is Closing on Saturday, March 29th

Single classes only $15 each!

Dear Blue Phoenix Yoga community,

It is with great sadness we inform you that Blue Phoenix Yoga will be closing. As we tried so hard to create a safe, fun, encouraging and loving environment for everyone to come and transform their bodies, we just could not overcome the high rent and slow membership growth. The last day for classes will be Saturday morning March 29th.

We are sure many of you will have questions. Here is where we are at so far:
       • Annual Members - you will be reimbursed for any remaining months left
       • Monthly Members - your last month is March and your contract will be terminated
       • Class Package Members (including Groupon) - please use up all your classes by 3/29/14. We cannot honor any remaining classes
          past that date. You may share your package with someone else to use up the classes.
       • Gift certificates - Please redeem ASAP
       • Groupons - we are not accepting any new Groupon vouchers unless you agree that your last day is 3/29/14 no matter
          what package you are redeeming.
       • Starting Sunday 3/2/14 we will only be selling Drop-In classes at $15 each, and that includes mat & towels.
       • If you are finishing your Intro Offer and would like to continue with classes through March, please come to the front
          desk and speak with Robin or Jim.

Annual & Class Card Members - to help use up your classes (or months), you can give them to anyone you want!
Please let us know by e-mail.

Our hearts ache with the thought that we are leaving you with no place to continue on your journey. All our energy, sweat (no pun intended) and tears were poured into this studio so that wonderful people like you could come in and better their body, mind and soul. But you know what? It was us that became better people. Watching many of you come in apprehensive and afraid, only to conquer your fears, charge through all your challenges and grow into the yogi & yoginis that you are is the most rewarding gift we could ever ask for as teachers and studio owners. We will always cherish this!

Let's not let these last days pass by with our heads hung low. We are yogis, and yogis are strong and we handle life differently than others. March will be a month of celebration. Continue coming to class, acknowledge all your accomplishments with big smiles as you look in the mirrors. Embrace all your newfound friendships, for these are worth more than you can imagine. Exchange phone numbers and/or emails and stay in touch with each other. That is what a strong loving community like ours does.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk with us. We would like to leave you with one last thought. Remember why you started doing yoga and how you felt and still feel with a steady practice. Don't let that stop!

With love, respect and gratitude
Jim & Robin Grieco


 5:30 am        
 7:30 am          
 8:00 am          
 9:30 am
12:00 pm    
 2:30 pm            
 5:00 pm    
 6:30 pm      
 8:15 pm          

New students please arrive 30 minutes before class.

Core 26+: This 90-minute heated yoga class builds on the Core 26 by adding more postures and core bodywork done in a different sequence. Some of the postures are done twice. Work your body from your head to your toes. Suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.
Core Energy: A 60-minute heated yoga class with one set of everything from the Core 26 +. Get it done in one hour! Not recommended for first time students.
Core Basic: A 60-minute warm yoga class using a basic set of postures that you will find in all our yoga classes. Add a little bit of central bodywork and it is a great class for both beginners to learn the postures or seasoned students to deepen their practice.
Core 26: Two sets of 26 postures along with two breathing exercises done in a hot room. This sequence was made popular by Bikram Choudhury. Classes are 90 minutes and are suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.
Pilates: This is a non-heated mat pilates class using resistance bands. Develop a strong central core while improving your strength and flexibility.

*The instructor will provide resistance bands if needed, and there are a limited number for sale at the front desk. We highly recommend having your own band.


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